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Retail Systems, LLC. (dba Harlow Furniture Solutions) is a full-service furniture dealer specializing in creating customized office, clubhouse and hotel environments. We will work with you to create an environment that is right for your company. Our goal is to fulfill your needs whether that is a one-room executive office, a suite of workstations or an office building with multiple functions.

Retail Systems’ (HFS) objective is to design a well-appointed office that meets your company’s goals of growing, effectiveness and efficiency while emphasizing aesthetics.

To make things easier for you, Retail Systems (HFS) will present you with a virtual office layout including three dimensional floor plans with video, elevation and installation drawings, so you can better sense what your new office will look like.

Retail Systems (HFS) manages your project from the first drawing to the last installed piece.

An experienced project manager will assist you in assessing your office needs, customizing your design and coordinating the installation of your new office.